Ants in the Kitchen!!


Oh how cute!! {photo courtesy of Flickr} This is an edible replica of sugar ants attacking a helpless doughnut. Cute… Sadly the real life sugar ant is NOT so cute in my book! I moved into my house last October and from the get-go struggled with the sugar ants in the warm phoenix weather. Once it got cold they went away and I thought my problems were solved! Wrong! They came back this summer… I did my homework this time! {Read More}

Travel Lightly


Family trips, work trips, fun trips…they are inevitable. And who doesn’t agree that snacking can get a little outta hand while we are in the car? I try to always be prepared when I know a trip is coming up. I bring my own snacks, cause let’s face it… the gas stations are all working against us! I love these little crackers! There are 18 per serving and they go great with some Laughing Cow Cheese singles! Beware though– don’t {Read More}

Spice Things Up!!


Have you ever heard that eating spicy food will help you lose weight? There is some theory behind this… let me explain! Your metabolism is kicked into overdrive when spicy food is ingested. It increases the thermodynamic burn that goes on in the body when the food is eaten. This means the body must utilize more calories to process the food hence increasing the metabolism. You can incorporate spice into just about any meal! Heck, I almost always throw a little {Read More}

Boutiful Baskets!


I thought since several of my readers have already emailed me or told me that I should defiantly try out this nice little co-op called Bountiful Baskets, I thought I would drop the link here. But yes yes yes, I am well aware of the goodness called Bountiful Baskets! And that, my friends, is where I get the majority of my fresh vegetables and fruits! I strongly suggest for everyone out there to take advantage of your local Farmer’s Markets! The veggies are {Read More}

Shredded Chicken??


Need shredded chicken for a recipe? You can boil a chicken breast, let it cool, and then pull it apart with a fork or…. You can buy a Rotisserie Chicken from your local grocery store, already cooked seasoned and super tender! Albertson’s has a Monday Family Night special, $4.99 for the whole bird! (It’s in the deli) Take the chicken home, get out a Tupperware container and wash your hands. With your fingers pull off the skin and throw that away (we {Read More}