What are Quickles?

Quickles are yet another family recipe made by my sweet Aunt Nancy.

Ok, she doesn’t call them quickles. I made that up… quick + pickles = quickles! She refers to them as Vinegar Cucumbers and Onions. This recipe is so simple and easy to make, low in calories, and super addictive. She claims these as her “summer snacking staple.”

Quickles! It's a quick pickle of sliced cucumbers and sweet onions. So addictive and a fresh (low calorie) snack!



I remember walking into my Aunt’s house as a child and going straight to her pantry. She always carried the BEST snacks and treats. She almost always had a bag of peanut M&M’s stashed way up high and would give my sister, brother and I a few if we were good.

But one of my favorite snacks was waiting patiently inside of her fridge. On the top shelf was a clear tupperware with a white snap on lid. The light from the fridge would shine through the clear dish full of sliced cucumbers and onions swimming in a golden bath of apple cider vinegar. Little flecks of black pepper would linger throughout the cucumbers and occasionally sink to the bottom.

Quickles! It's a quick pickle of sliced cucumbers and sweet onions. So addictive and a fresh (low calorie) snack!

A quick stir would bring the black pepper specks to life just like a snow globe.

I lurved sticking my fingers in the cold vinegar and pulling out slices of cucumbers to munch on. Looking back, that probably wasn’t the most sanitary thing to do (yet my Aunt let me happily eat away).

Quickles! It's a quick pickle of sliced cucumbers and sweet onions. So addictive and a fresh (low calorie) snack!

These cucumbers are a tasty treat. You really have to love vinegar though, because that first bite can be pretty strong. But trust me, you’ll be going back for more and more. It’s like that bag of salt and vinegar chips… so good!

I’ve had so much fun sharing some of my favorite family recipes this week. If you missed the Shrimp Pasta Salad or Monkey Meat, be sure to check those out too!

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Yields serves 4

Quickles (Quick Pickled Cucumbers and Onions)
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  • 1 large cucumber, peeled and thinly sliced
  • 1/2 large sweet onion, thinly sliced
  • 1 1/2 cups apple cider vinegar
  • 1/2 cup water (or more if desired)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • a couple turns of black pepper


  1. Place your cucumbers and onions in a tupperware or large jar and fill with the vinegar, water, salt and pepper. Stir to combine. Keep covered in the refrigerator for up to one week.


My grandmother adds a little sugar to the mixture to sweeten it just a bit, but that's optional!

You can increase the recipe, but keep the liquid ratio 3 parts vinegar : 1 part water.


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I am definitely going to try these, with some Splenda and maybe a little red pepper flakes. Also, when I had a huge garden going I would make bread & butter pickles using zucchini instead of cucumbers. There would be more vitamins, I think, in zucchini. Can't wait to try your recipe for Quickles. :)
Thanks Stephanie, you could definitely add more water to the vinegar to reduce the punch of vinegar, and you could try to add a pinch or two of sugar like my grandma does. :) They really are a yummy snack!
You can preserve these. All you have to do is sterilize all of your hardware, I do my jars in the oven at 175 for 30 minutes, then stuff the jars with veggie. Bring all of your liquids and pepper to a boil and leave it simmering until you have finished canning them. This is a good recipe, because you don't have to do fifty pounds of cukes at a time. You can pull a couple of cukes out of the garden and do them on a whim.
Hey there I love these types of pickles- can these be processed so I can make quite a few jars at a time and store them? Thanks in advance Tracie
i would think you can can these just like pickles.. because actually they are with onions.... i would water bath process for 20 min or so... depending on your elevation. follow canning/processing guidelines though.
I just made these..hope hubby and I like them they look good....how long do you have to wait to eat them..it says up to a week in the refrigerator...it that how long you can keep them there or before you can eat them...
I make these in summer when cucumbers are plentiful. I usually heat my the liquids and then add the vegetables. I also add thin slices of red peppers for color. Cool then chill. Tasty.
I have made numerous kinds of pickles for many years. One thing this site is not telling you is to plant or purchase a pickling cucumber for the best pickles. Pickling cucumbers are great as table cucumbers also. You will not be disappointed.
I think it tastes better with the apple cider vinegar, but if you don't mind regular white vinegar I suppose you can try that? These aren't traditional pickles though, they are meant to be eaten within a week.
Have made these and eaten these most of my life....Are best if you have a garden but store bought will do. On my list of one of the things to buy at a farmer's market. Just yummy!
I always add carrots whenever I make any type of quick pickles, however, they take at least a day to absorb good flavor. Probably because carrots are denser than cukes.
love this, had it as a kid. you can also replace vinegar and water with Red Wine and Vinegar salad dressing. I actually like it better with the salad dressing. try it, if you like this recipe, I bet you will also like it with the salad dressing
Yeah, you can definitely use the liquid again, just make sure your not contaminating it while in use. Always use a clean fork to remove the cucumbers. And yes, cauliflower would be great in there!
This is nostalgic for me! 15 years ago in school my best friends mom would make these and always have them set out! I just made them and the smell is bringing me back to childhood! I'm so glad I found this recipe!
My mom use to make these, in a 1 gal. olive jar. She also put green peeper slices in the mix. She used white vinegar, and some water. She added a little sugar, and dill. really good!!
This is one of My favorite pickle recipes We Southerners.have been eating this for years. Thank you so much for sharing recipe for those who haven't tried them These Are Outstanding..Thank you Again.
No. Probiotoc takes about 4-6 weeks of "pickling" and if you use any vinegar it's not natural so not very good for probiotic. Try to use just salt. Best probiotic is homemade sauerkraut - cabbage and salt, after about 4 weeks it's amazing. Natural and packed with probiotics.
You can add a teas of celery seed and a tsp of mustard seed and sugar or a sugar substitute to make bread and better pickles. I keep a jar in my refrigerator all summer for a go to snack.
I try it ..now I have them on the fridge all the time I snack on it all day ...I love vinegar ...thank you for sharing
we have canned them for years,just wondering how long they stay for??,canning them the old way you have along time..
I love pickled onions, and I love pickles.. but some how some way I've never put them both in the same jar and pickled them at the same time! Why haven't I done this? This is a great recipe, I can't wait to try this at home. Thank you very much for sharing!
We always called these pioneer pickles, because my pioneer great-grandmother made these and passed down a love for these to her family. Can't wait for fresh cucumbers. I also use the small cukes found in the grocery store, wash well and slice into the vinegar mix.