Very Nice Chocolate Frosting {Pat’s Recipes}


As our lives move on from day to day, and as we are wrapped up in our busy schedules, time seems to slip through our fingers. Our children grow up, our hair may turn white, and as much as we fight against it, we grow old. But just because our bodies grow old, doesn’t mean we feel old on the inside.

Over the past few weeks I have been able to spend some time with my friend Pat as we help her pack up her precious belongings for her long journey back to her children and grandchildren. She is such a strong woman, and I see a lot of her personality in myself. She has always been self-reliant, doing nearly everything to keep her family and life running smoothly. With the passing of her sidekick in life, her sweet ray of sunshine, she is left to battle her days by herself. And while that task may be a difficult one, she is a fighter, still young and strong on the inside as she once was many years ago.

These old recipes that she has shared with me are simple, remarkable, and have withstood the test of time. Just like Pat.

Very Nice Chocolate Frosting

I know how much everyone has enjoyed her Fluffy Brown Sugar Icing recipe, so I couldn’t resist sharing this “Very Nice” Chocolate Frosting recipe.

Very Nice Chocolate Frosting

First of all, I love chocolate frosting. It’s classic and goes perfectly with just about anything.

Secondly, this recipe has 3 ingredients, 4 if you count water…

I had to make this, especially since she underlined “Very Nice”… It had to be fantastic.

In her recipe she states to add boiling water and sifted confectioners sugar.

The first time I made this frosting, I just used hot water, and didn’t sift the sugar. Let’s just say, the frosting worked, BUT it was grainy. I didn’t like the texture. I decided to start over and follow her directions to the tee…

I boiled some water and let the Nesquik, boiling water and butter mix blend until it was completely dissolved. Then I sifted the sugar and added it gradually.

The result…

Very Nice Chocolate Frosting


Smooth, chocolatey, creamy, and…wellVERY NICE!

It was so easy to make this frosting, I couldn’t believe it.

Very Nice Chocolate Frosting

The recipe makes enough to frost a double layer 8″ cake, and pipes perfectly onto cupcakes.

It holds it’s shape, and can even be left out on the counter and not melt like a typical buttercream frosting.

Very Nice Chocolate Frosting

I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m sure you could make this frosting with other flavors of Nesquik, for a little variety.

This is my new go-to recipe when I want a very nice chocolate frosting, so simple and completely delicious.

Very Nice Chocolate Frosting

All I can say is, thanks Pat! Just like you, this frosting has passed the test of time, and is sweeter than ever.

Very Nice Chocolate Frosting {Pat’s Recipes}
Serves: Fills and frosts two 8" layers
  • 1½ cups chocolate Nesquik
  • ¼ cup softened butter
  • ⅓ cup BOILING water
  • 2½ cups SIFTED powdered sugar
  1. Combine the chocolate Nesquik, boiling water and butter in the bowl of your stand mixer. Blend until the Nesquik is no longer grainy.
  2. Gradually add the sifted powdered sugar, scraping down the sides of the bowl occasionally. Beat until smooth.
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  1. The frosting looks perfect!!

  2. That’s looks so creamy and delish! I’ve never tried it with Nesquik! It’s on my to-do list. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This looks so light and delicious!! I can’t wait to try it!!:)

  4. yeah, I love chocolate frosting and this one is going on my list to make :)

  5. Very Nice indeed! YUM!

  6. Umm, this is adorable. I love getting handwritten recipe cards from my grandmother- they always have a little bit of “spice” in them! Frosting looks so good!

  7. Thanks for all the recipes from Ms. Pat! I can’t wait to try them, especially this one.

  8. I just made this, but used Olvaltine (because that’s what I had in the cupboard), and it worked out wonderfully. Very Nice Chocolate Frosting indeed! :)

  9. My grandmother used this exact recipe for her chocolate frosting on her eclairs. I could never figure out why mine is always grainy, and she passed away a few years ago, unfortunately. I wasn’t sifting the sugar or boiling the water. She didn’t have an electric mixer, so she just stirred it by hand and it made more of a glaze on the eclairs. It looks amazing after being in the mixer. I’m going to try again soon! Thanks!

  10. I just made this with my kids and it’s truely amazing!! I like it much more than using cocoa. Thank you so much for posting :)

  11. Ashley Gilmore says:

    I tweaked it a little and added about a cup of cool whip to move. Delicious either way. So glad I found this recipe.

  12. I had pinned this a few weeks back and couldn’t wait to give it a go! I tried this yesterday and cut down on the sugar because I’m not sure if you’re using the sweetened cocoa powder (since I was using the sweetened one) and I felt mine was sweet enough…it turned out so amazing! Literally, the most amazing and tasty frosting recipe at the same time! So I just wanted to say a BIG thank you! :)

  13. Really hoping that chocolate nesquik is the same over here in the uk, definitely worth a try : )thanks for the recipe : )

  14. I tried this recipe using the Strawberry Nesquik. I followed the directions exactly, and the consistency is great. But the flavor…. Maybe I just don’t like strawberry Nesquik as much as I thought I did. I also didn’t like the color: it’s kind of a dirty pinkish red.

    But the chocolate is great!

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  16. Ginny Mize says:

    Use vanilla extract in chocolate and strawberry extract in strawberry nesquik.

  17. Melissa Brim says:

    Saved to my Ziplist recipe box for future use! Looks yummy and more importantly to me….easy

  18. Just for the record, this appears to not work in the Australian climate. It was totally liquid (used strawberry nesquik) and I more than doubled the amount of sugar and ended up with this creepy kind of melting mess that slowly oozed over the sides of the cupcakes but was solid enough to push back on top of them before it started oozing back over again… so weird.

    • I’m guessing the strawberry Nesquik is not a good substitute for the chocolate then? I think someone else had tried it as well and it didn’t turn out well. Sorry about that. I would definitely try the chocolate one though, it’s much nicer! :)

    • This didn’t work out for me either. I about doubled the sugar, added more nesquik, and even tried adding cream cheese. Still came out super runny!

      • I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you Ashley. Make sure you measure the wet ingredients precisely, any extra and it could turn runny. (this might be a dumb question but… you are using the powdered Nesquick, right?) In the future if the frosting is still too runny, just keep adding more powdered sugar, it will thicken up.

  19. this was so handy for my dads make shift cake! thank you

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