Avocado, Radish and Goat Cheese Polish Sausage


Now that we are in the full swing of summer, I have been craving hot dogs like no one’s business.

And when I say hot dogs, I mean bratwursts and polish sausages. I leave the hot dogs for the kids.

Avocado, Radish & Goat Cheese topped Polish Sausage

I shared with you a while back that I had started a vegetable garden in my backyard. This is the first time that my attempts at being a gardener have ever paid off. We have enjoyed a few delicious strawberries, and just recently our radishes came in.

While I was trying to decide how to top my polish sausage one night I decided to throw on some of my freshly grown radishes, a little bit of goat feta cheese (you can use regular feta or regular goat cheese if you can’t find the goat feta), and a few slices of ripe California Avocado.

It was a sophisticated selection that did not disappoint the tastebuds. The creaminess from the avocado paired perfectly with the crunch and spice of the radish slices. The goat feta cheese added a touch of saltiness that balanced out the polish sausage combination.

It’s an interesting combination, but it was fantastic.

Avocado, Radish & Goat Cheese topped Polish Sausage

Even my husband was shocked at how well the combination works. I added a few of those hot pepper slices on top of mine because I like a little bit more heat, but that’s just me. I didn’t add any sort of sauce to it, but if you’re bent on putting some sort of sauce on your hot dogs, then I would try a spicy mustard.

Long live the grill.

Avocado, Radish and Goat Cheese Polish Sausage
Serves: serves 6
  • 6 smoked polish sausages
  • 6 gourmet hot dog buns
  • 2 ripe California Avocados, sliced
  • 4 radishes, sliced thin
  • ¼ cup goat feta cheese, crumbled
  • spicy mustard (optional)
  1. Heat grill and cook polish sausages until desired doneness.
  2. Toast the hot dog buns on the grill until lightly toasted.
  3. Top the polish sausages with a couple slices of avocado, a few radish slices, and sprinkle with the crumbled goat feta cheese. (option- squirt on a little spicy mustard if you wish)
  4. Enjoy
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 polish sausage


  1. Love these flavors!

  2. I’ve never tried combining avocado and radish with hotdogs before but as long as they come out healthy to eat; I consider them worth a try. I love the fact that you included hot pepper slices as they make the food more delicious, more thrilling and not too monotonous to eat.

  3. Heather says:

    good looking radishes!

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