Halloween Marshmallow Pops


If you’re looking for a simple and easy way to WOW your Halloween party guests, then you MUST make these Halloween Marshmallow Pops! I made four different varieties, a Mummy, a Pumpkin, a Frankenstein, and a Vampire. Believe it or not, they are so easy to make.


So. Easy.

Plus everyone will think you’re totally awesome for making such cute treats.

Since these are not cake pops, there is no baking.

No making frosting.

No messy hands.

So. Easy.

Here are the simple items you’ll need to make all four:

  • Marshmallows
  • Sucker sticks (found in cake decorating isle of WalMart of Craft Store)
  • Colored Melting Chocolates (orange, green, white)
  • Purple Icing Gel color (to make purple Vampire chocolate)
  • Candy Eyeballs (cake decorating isle)
  • Black Crystal Sugar Sprinkles
  • Black Sparkle Gel in tube (for decorating mouth’s of Frankenstein, Pumpkin, and Vampire)
  • Green M&M’s (for tops of pumpkins)
  • Grey Pearl Sprinkles (for Frankenstein’s bolts)
  • Black small candy wrappers (for Vampire’s cape)
  • Black ribbon (for Vampires cape)

If you don’t want to make all four, then you can just get the supplies needed for the one you want.

Melt your Chocolates according to package directions in a microwave safe mug. I found it easiest to do it this way so it’s deep enough to cover the whole marshmallow.

Let any excess chocolate drip/shake off.

(To get the purple chocolate I just melted the white chocolates and then added just a tiny bit of purple gel icing color, and mixed until I got the purple color I desired)

Pour a good amount of the black crystal sugar sprinkles into a cupcake liner. Then while the chocolate on the marshmallow is still wet, gently dip the top into the sprinkles.

To give the vampire that “widow’s peak” look, just turn the marshmallow at an angle and lightly dip it in the sprinkles again.

With the marshmallow still wet place two candy eyeballs up towards that “widow’s peak” hairline.

To let the Halloween Marshmallow Pops dry, I got a piece of Styrofoam and gently poked the ends of the sticks into it so they stood upright.

To finish off the Vampire look, take some melted white chocolate and make tiny fangs. I just placed some white chocolate in a frosting bag (or zip close bag with corner snipped off works too) and made a small dot of white frosting then dragged down to create the fang.

Use the black decorating gel to draw a straight line across the top of the fangs for his mouth.

My husband came up with the idea for his cape {which I love}. Take a small black candy wrapper and cut out a little bit of the side. Push the stick through the bottom of the candy wrapper and bring it up to the marshmallow. Use some black ribbon to tie a bow underneath the “cape” to keep it in place.


The Pumpkin is super easy.

Just dip the marshmallow in orange chocolates and top it with a green M&M candy. Use the black decorating gel to draw on his eyes and mouth.


Frankenstein is probably one of my favorites because he’s just too darn cute with those little “bolts” on the side of his neck.

Do the same steps as you would for the Vampire as I described above except use green chocolates, and don’t make him a “widow’s peak” with his hair. With the chocolate still wet, place a grey pearl sprinkle on each side of his head for the “bolts.”

The Mummy Marshmallow Pop is super easy. Just dip the marshmallow in white chocolate, place on two eyeballs and let dry.

Once it’s dry add the remaining white chocolate to a frosting bag and drizzle strips of white chocolate back and forth across the face and around the eyes. Let dry again.

These Halloween Marshmallow Pops are so fun. I especially love the coffin that my husband painted for me.

It was one of those $1 wooden crafts that you can pick up from the Craft Store {you know… next to all those mini bird houses that you buy your kids every time you go to the craft store and end up with like 56 mini bird houses in your backyard… you know the ones}.

 Please tell me you are totally loving these…

I can barely stand how cute they are.

You know they will be a huge hit at your work party.

You could even pass these out for Halloween night!

Kids would L-O-V-E these!

But seriously…

That Mummy in the coffin kills me!

So easy, so cute!

So just do it already! What are you waiting for!?

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Halloween Marshmallow Pops



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