S’mores Pops


Ah… the S’more… it is a classic American treat that has been done in so many fashions.

And I love every single one!

It’s hard not to love the three simple ingredients that comprise that chocolaty, gooey sandwich.

Since I live in the dessert of Arizona, the thought of sparking up a fire to roast marshmallows right now, will surely melt my flip flops.

So when I got a craving for some S’mores the other day, I thought quick and came up with these S’mores Pops.

These are so easy and fun to make.

Perfect for any party that exceeds 110 degrees.

You can melt down some Hershey’s bars, but I just used almond bark, cause it’s easier to melt in the microwave and perfect for dipping.

Crush a few sheets of Graham crackers and set them in a separate bowl.

Use sucker sticks, or you could even use Popsicle sticks to hold the marshmallows.

Dip it into the chocolate, then dip it into the graham crackers.

Set on wax paper to harden.


Sometimes the easiest things taste the best.

These little treats are awesome. If you’ve ever tasted a chocolate covered marshmallow you know what I’m talking about.

With the graham cracker crumbs it adds that nice little bit of a crunch that brings the S’mores sensation full circle.

These are totally going with me to the 4th of July party next week.

My kids absolutely loved them, The Man loved them, and of course, I totally dug them.

Bring these to your 4th of July party too.

They are like the easy treat you can make in less than 10 minutes, and still look like a rock star!

If you want to get real adventurous, use a mini kitchen torch to slightly toast the tops of the marshmallows. But be careful not to toast them too much or they wont stick on to the stick anymore.

Most importantly though…have fun!

S’mores Pops
  • 1 bag regular sized Marshmallows
  • 4 ounces Chocolate Almond Bark (dipping chocolates)
  • 3-4 sheets of Graham Crackers
  • 20-30 sucker sticks (you can get these at a craft store)
  1. Melt chocolates according to package directions in a small bowl.
  2. Crush Graham cracker sheets into slightly coarse crumbs and place in a separate small bowl.
  3. Place a sucker stick in the center of a marshmallow, dip in the chocolate, then gently dip in the Graham cracker crumbs.
  4. Let dry on a sheet of wax paper.
  5. Repeat for however many S'mores Pops you want.
  6. Enjoy!


  1. Love this idea…great and easy to get the kids involved too!!!!

    • Yes, kids totally love this. My oldest had a friend sleep over and I set all this out for the kids and they went crazy for it!

  2. I’ve had these on my mind for weeks and here you are posting them! It’s a sign. I need to make them soon. :)

  3. Your photos are beyond gorgeous! LOVE these pops.

  4. Now that idea is genius & easy! They are so adorable I’m making these
    today. it would also be cute to throw some red white & blue sprinkles on top
    for the holiday.

  5. These are so cute and delicious!

  6. My kids love making marshmallow pops with me, but we haven’t made a Smores version yet. This will definitely be a summertime “keep busy” project for us.

  7. Wow, what a CUTE idea!

  8. These are so fun to make!

  9. I bought red white and blue chocolates at Michaels for the fourth of July. Thank you for such a great idea!

  10. I love s’mores and I love marshmallow pops. We make these and they are such a huge hit. Love that shot of your little one grabbing a treat 😉

  11. Kelda Toliver says:

    Had her bring them for the 4 th and let me tell you it was the biggest hit for everyone! Yummy

  12. my daughter made these for my grandaughters birthday party.The kids liked them so much they were grabbing two at a time. None for the adults.

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