Easy Chore Jar for Kids

Easy Chore Jar with Popsicle Sticks

During the summer my kids… how do I put it… have a tendency to drive me up the wall. I have found a great way to get some of their crazy {unheard of} energy out… make them do chores! Chores are great! Sometimes my kids and I don’t share the same feelings on the subject, but they know once they are done with their chores they can enjoy the rest of their day. So first thing after breakfast they each pick two sticks {Read More}

Egg Salad Cones {Foodie Goes Healthy}

Egg Salad Recipe

Quick side note- Last night I was on LIVE radio with Heather from Basil Momma on her show Around the Kitchen Sink! She was kind enough to invite me to tell all her listeners about this little series of Summer Lunch Recipes 4 Kids! I had a blast, and if you really want to hear it, you can listen to it here. {don’t judge, I was nervous}    Ok…back to the food… I have yet another great blogger here to guest {Read More}