Homemade Strawberries and Cream Cheese Toaster Strudels


I hope you don’t mind another strawberry recipe.

I just can’t help it. Those berries are so red, and juicy, and cheap.

They call to me.

I don’t know about you, but my mom rarely bought us toaster strudels when I was a kid. Probably had something to do with the fact that we would eat the entire box, while watching Charles in Charge, in one sitting.
I thought it would be fun to try and make my own, and it turned out to be really simple. It wasn’t exactly cheaper than buying the boxed replica, but it was homemade, with love, and strawberries… so yeah…

Ok, I take it back, it wasn’t entirely homemade, more like semi-homemade. I used a box of frozen puff pastry dough.

But c’mon… life is short, and Saturday morning when the kids are hovering around begging for breakfast, I need to be quick on my feet.

Good thing these came together fast. Pretty sure they were plotting a mutiny.

Place the frozen dough out to thaw on the counter while you chop up some strawberries into little pieces, and then sprinkle them with sugar.

Once the dough is thawed, unfold it and cut right down the creases to make a total of 6 strips of dough.
Top with a little cream cheese and yummy glazed strawberries, and fold over.
Use a fork to pinch the sides of the pastry together.
Cut little vent slices on the tops of the pastry, and coat with and egg wash to give it a nice golden brown color.

While it’s baking whip up a quick cream cheese glaze to drizzle on top.

And….wa-la, voila, ta-da, bada-bing, {wait, what?}

A homemade Strawberries and Cream Cheese Toaster Strudel… that you didn’t even put in the toaster…

But fyi– I did have one left over {cause my kids totally down these in one sitting} and I put it in a zip close bag in the fridge and toasted in the next morning…delish!

Now if I could only figure out how to make my own Fruity Pebbles…

Homemade Strawberry and Cream Cheese Toaster Strudels
Serves: 6 pastries
  • 1 box frozen puff pastry dough (in sheet form)
  • 2 cups chopped strawberries
  • ¼ cup white granulated sugar
  • 4 oz cream cheese; softened; divided
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tbsp water
  • ½ cup powdered sugar
  • 1 tsp milk or heavy cream
  1. Remove puff pastry sheets from package and lay on counter to thaw. In the meanwhile chop strawberries into small pieces and place in a bowl. Toss with granulated sugar and let sit for 30 minutes.
  2. Pre heat oven to 400 degrees. Lightly flour your work surface and unfold pastry sheets and cut along the creases to create 6 long strips of dough. On one half of the dough gently spread 1 tbsp of cream cheese in the center(you should only use about 3oz of the cream cheese and leave the remaining 1oz for the glaze), leaving about an inch of dough on each side. Top with 1-2 tbsp of chopped strawberries. Fold the dough over, and pinch closed with a fork to create an enclosed pocket. Repeat for all 6 pastries.
  3. Place on a parchment or silicone lined baking sheet. Beat the egg with 1 tbsp of water in a small bowl. Brush the tops of the pastries with the egg wash. Using a sharp knife cut 3 slices on the top of the pastry, being careful not to slice through the bottom.
  4. Bake for 15-16 minutes. Should be puffed up and a golden brown.
  5. To make the glaze, in a small bowl combine the remaining 1oz of cream cheese with ½ cup powdered sugar and 1 tsp of milk or heavy cream and beat with a fork or whisk until smooth. Spoon into a zip close bag and snip a corner off to pipe onto a warm 'toaster' strudel.




  1. oh man! Love this decadent breakfast idea!
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  2. These look incredible! I'm actually working on something similar. I went a bit crazy and bought 3 flats of strawberries the other day … they were just so yummy looking!
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  3. Wow, these look fabulous Shawn! Thanks for reminding me it's been far too long since I've made anything with puff pastry… Also, I'm having a ChicWrap giveaway today that you should enter!

  4. foodstoriesblog says:

    Shawn … You have been nominated for my NEW Food Stories Award for Excellence in Storytelling. Check out my site for the details (foodstoriesblog dot com).
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  5. iwashyoudry says:

    Thanks Lori!

  6. iwashyoudry says:

    Mmmm! Sounds like you are going to have a lot of fun with all those berries!

  7. iwashyoudry says:

    Puff pastry is fun huh? And ooo! I love a giveaway!

  8. iwashyoudry says:

    Oh my gosh! I would like to thank all the little people that helped make this possible…cheers…applause… Thanks girl! 😉

  9. Dorothy says:

    Love. I will never mind a strawberry recipe! :)
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  10. bakingserendipity says:

    I love the cream cheese in these! My family was much more into PopTarts when I was a kid, but I'd love these nonetheless!

  11. oh wow, these look absolutely amazing! we were only allowed to eat toasted strudels on rare occasion growing up but i looooved them. will have to try this homemade version -they look fab!

  12. oh my. i am so glad i found your blog! my mouth is watering thinking about homemade toaster strudels! can’t wait to make these for my picky husband. thank you!

  13. I loved them as a kid, you’ve got me all excited to try this homemade version!

  14. Hi there! I pinned this recipe long ago, but am working into my menu planning and, girl! I LOVE ME SOME TOASTER STRUDELS!! I grew up with the boxed variety, fighting over the glaze remmants with my brother…you know what I’m talking about,the little bit left in the little pouch? Mm-hmm, that’s right. Shoot, I am all over these, 8months pregnant and all! Here’s my Q:
    what’s the likelihood that you can freeze these jokers? ‘Cause they are going on the postpartum Eat Da Mama list, and I need the good stuff at the ready :)

  15. Toraye Izatt says:

    I am SO making these!!:)

  16. would love to make these..but I am allergy to cows milk… any way to make them dairy free? thanks! :O)

  17. I wonder what it would be like with the chocolate cream cheese…

  18. OMG, these look amazingly delicious; fresh and easy. I cannot wait for my kids to try these out this weekend for our Sunday Brunch. The variations are endless and I plan on dabbling in a few too.

  19. leatha cobb says:

    I love it thank you so much

  20. leatha cobb says:

    I really love it Thank You so much

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