Open Faced Egg and Avocado Sandwich

It’s May!

Oh, and May is National Egg Month!

We love eggs around this house. My kids go crazy for eggs.

When I was growing up the only way I ever ate eggs was scrambled. So when I met The Man he introduced me to what he calls the “dip egg.”

It’s an egg cooked whole, on a hot skillet for just a couple minutes, flipped once. Leaving the yolk runny and perfect for dipping with toast.

And that’s how my kids enjoy it.

This is how I enjoy it…

Such a quick and easy breakfast, or lunch, or dinner, or snack… whatever floats your boat.

Crack an egg onto a hot skillet.

Sprinkle with fresh cracked pepper and salt.

Carefully flip after just a minute or two, and sprinkle the other side with more salt and fresh pepper.

Toast up an English muffin and add a little butter.

I love spinach so I adorned this sandwich with a little fresh organic spinach leaf.

Slice up some fresh avocado, and throw that on top.

Grate some fresh Parmesan cheese on top and maybe just a little more salt and pepper. {couldn’t hurt}.

And there you have it!

Enjoy with a fork, or pick it up and stuff it in your mouth.

Both are completely respectable choices.

How do you prefer your eggs?

Open Faced Egg and Avocado Sandwich
makes one sandwich

1 egg
1 English muffin toasted
spinach leaf (optional)
avocado slices
fresh Parmesan cheese (optional)
salt and pepper

Heat a skillet over medium heat and coat with cooking spray. Crack one egg onto skillet and sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. After about 1-2 minutes (depending on how runny you want the egg) carefully flip the egg over. Sprinkle again with salt and pepper, remove from heat after another 45 seconds to 1 minute.
To assemble sandwich:
Place toasted English muffin on plate, layer with spinach (optional), egg, avocado slices, then grate on some fresh Parmesan (optional).

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  1. Yum, looks perfectly delicious.

  2. iwashyoudry says:

    Thanks! It's a great way to start the day!

  3. aaaaand some chalulah :) YUM!

  4. I go crazy for eggs as well!! And avocado! So that sandwich is dreamy for me!!
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  5. iwashyoudry says:

    Oh yes! Gotta have some chalula…or red devil…that's my choice of poisen…

  6. iwashyoudry says:

    We should be friends in real life! We could eat eggs and avocado all day!! :)

  7. OKAY NOW I really HAVE to go get avocados….nom nom nom

  8. iwashyoudry says:

    If I could grow avocados in the desert I would! So delish!

  9. This looks so good and yet so simple…I have an avocado in the fridge and I was trying to figure out what to do with it…now I know!! Your pics are amazing too…how are you able to do this with 4 kids???? I have 2 and I find it so difficult to be able to get pictures done :)

    • Thanks Asiya! It’s not easy at times, but my kids are used to it now. Once they see the camera they know to give me a few minutes before digging in! LOL

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