A Series of Unfortunate Events…

I had high hopes for dinner tonight.
Sadly, it did not go as well as I would have hoped for.
I had all the ingredients out to make one amazing chicken carbonara. I was all ready to start making dinner when I tried to light the little gas stove in my little kitchen.
Not a single thing happened.
Being that we live in a travel trailer {living on the road with The Man has it’s benefits} we are supplied our gas for cooking, heating, and water heating from two little propane tanks. I quickly went outside to check to see what was going on, and yup, sure enough, they were empty. Both of them were completely empty.
Hmm… No big deal I thought. It’s still fairly early, I’ll just run in town {with all three munchkins in tow}, and fill up our tanks at the ONLY place that does it. I’ll be back in time to finish dinner.
Once I got there I was informed by the rude not so nice lady at the counter that they had a scheduling conflict and there was no one there “qualified” to fill my tanks. They were also out of any regular tanks. Skunked!
I was so upset!
I called The Man who quickly suggested he meet me here…

I have to admit…I am a sucker for pizza and wings.

My day just got a little better.

Moral of the story??

Always check your tanks! And always say yes to pizza!


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