Menu Monday Volume: 2

It’s hard to always come up with fresh new menus week by week; by sharing our ideas everyone wins! Each Monday is your chance to update your weekly menu. Post what your eating this week in the comments, and grab a few ideas while you’re there!

I am back people!

Back to my own food recipes! I loved trying out the Flat Belly Diet… but it doesn’t seem to want to stick around here. So take a look at my menu for this week! {Yummy-ness!} I’ll be sharing a few of those recipes with you!

Be sure to jot your menu down too so we can get some new fresh ideas!

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  1. Spencer and Heather Riddle says:

    Sunday- Taco Salads
    Monday- Chicken Salad Wraps, fruit smoothie
    Tuesday- sloppy scones with ground turkey, green beans and fruit salad
    Wednesday- Chicken Dressing Casserole, mixed vegetables, fruit jello
    Thursday- Asian Beef with Snow Peas, fruit
    Friday- Leftover night
    Saturday- Breakfast for dinner (whole wheat pancakes, boiled eggs and orange juice)

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